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Digital marketing can help to grow Local Business tremendously The beauty of your digital marketing is that it boasts a wide variety of strategies which works from small to large scale companies if you are looking for affordable and easiest way of business growth strategies you are in a right place . we will take a look onto some interesting strategies of digital marketing which help your business grow .There are just some of ways with digital marketing you can help your local business on the road to earn more leads , conversions and revenue Cost Effectiveness Most common issues faced by small and medium scale business is budget which is often limited ar best . According to traditional marketing Printing and promoting advertisements will take budget around lakhs it will be hard to competiting with bigger companies for advertisements . the cost effectiveness of social media can able to reach high number of targeted people more than expected within thousands of amount Target Audience Reaching the right people is essential in all the marketing strategies .Digital marketing tactics are the best way and will give you the proven results . SEO allows local companies to get your advertisement reached based on your location specific keywords and it will readily serve up the information based on the user types need. Measurable results You need to know your marketing campaign is working or not which is easily achievable is digital marketing . measurability will help you to grow your business and identify the flaws and allows you to rectify the keywords . Unlie traditional marketing digital marketing has no room for guess work . by using digital marketing you can track and measure results in real time also enables you to make adjustments Mobile friendly marketing strategy Since we are in a world of mobile phone is a necessary thing . Digital marketing is easier to take you in everyone hands easily through all type of marketing strategies such as social media marketing For your Local business to grow you need to reach the mobile Population faster and that can be achieved through digital marketing . Search engine optimisation (SEO) Social media marketing (SMM) Lead Generation campaign (LGC) Pay per click (PPC)